Good Morning, Antipasto!

Okay antipasto is our new favorite thing to say on loop..

Dahlia has come out with these filled to the brim with deliciousness, cups, I should say bowls but they’re kind of an in betweeny.

The more sophisticated sibling of the charcuterie board then! And because Juney is so considerate of your tastebuds, she even made martinis. Thank you for my life. And all of this for our breakfast.

There’s enough for all of you, so come and visit!

@Kustom9 May 2022 Edition
Dahlia – Mix & Mingle – Charcuterie Cup – Dispenser – Green
Dahlia – Mix & Mingle – Lychee Martini – Dispenser – Gold
Dahlia – Mix & Mingle – Charcuterie Cup – Personal Hold – Brown
Dahlia – Mix & Mingle – Stirrer – Gold – Hold

@Access May 2022
(Fundati) Giant Coconut Palm Tree III

Other goods-
[Cinoe] Sound of bagel – Four in the basket
[Cinoe] Found you birth – Clean
ACORN Take Away Cup -Grape
Pewpew! Strawberry Yogurt – (Decor)
Pewpew! Mango Yogurt (Decor)
Dahlia – Wildflower – Snack Dish
Dahlia – Belmar – Strawberry Starfruit – Soda
Dahlia – Belmar – Clementine Cream – Soda
Dahlia – Belmar – Cane Sugar Cola – Soda
Dahlia – Vulnerability – Quatrfoil Rug 1
Dahlia – High Tide – Side Table – Peach
Dahlia – Summerlin – Cacti Arrangement
Dahlia – Summerlin – Hoyas
Dahlia – Summerlin – Stacked Pots – Natural
Dahlia – Tenerife Lanterns – Double Brass/Coral
Dahlia – Rainbow Planter – Pastel
FINCA – S.C. white wide cabinet
FINCA – Bird mirror
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Decorative Vase
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Soy Candle
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Salt & Pepper Mills #2
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Salad Bowl #2
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Bowl Stack #4
Avani Lazar Collection Weathered Dining Table, White Oak
tarte. hanging trailing jade plant
[Tia] Valarie Silverleaf Wreath
-tb- Spring Living – Radio (Floral) RARE
8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS Group Gift
Soul2Soul. Diana Muslin Curtain B. Puddled
Soul2Soul. The Provence

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