Easy Peasy

Lemon Squeezy!

Ayeee all the magical things happening around the grid this month!

I needed some hope, some light.. some resolution, at least an ‘ease up’ on the constant barrage of darkness. The other side of cheerfulness can wait for now.

If you’ve come here visitor, even if it was just to look at the pretty picture, I want you to know,  that you are most welcomed here.

Cozey is my safe space… and the door is always open!

DISORDERLY. / Lemon Summer / Loaf
DISORDERLY. / Lemon Summer / Grater
DISORDERLY. / Lemon Summer / Loaf Slices

8f8 – Whites – Trio Air – Walk in the Woods
8f8 – Whites – Trio Air – Soon bearing Fruit
8f8 – Whites – Summer Circle of Life & Words of Wisdom
8f8 – Whites – My Sunshine Bouquet Rezz
8f8 – Whites – Peace Bouquet Rezz

MudHoney Paxton Lumbar Pillow

Other lovely goods-
Dahlia – Loulou’s Lemonade – Dispenser
Dahlia – Loulou’s Lemonade – Milk Glass – Ripe – Lemons /White
Dahlia – Loulou’s Lemonade – Yellow Lemonade Single Glass
Dahlia – Spring Bliss – Lemon Curd – Dispenser
Dahlia – Belmar – Lemonde Elderflower – Soda
Dahlia – Emilia – Bunny Moss Teacup – Yellow – RIGHT
DISORDERLY. / Domestic Roses / Potted Roses / YELLOW
tarte. paisley plaid dining chair
tarte. paisley wood dining chair
tarte. paisley dining table
tarte. paisley greenery basket
tarte. garden chandelier
tarte. lemon cake
tarte. lemon tree (white pot)
Kalopsia – Debee’s Honey Pot (Pure Honey)
MudHoney Piper Screen Red
MudHoney Piper Snake Plant
Avani Byron Collection Dining Bench, Brown Oak
FINCA – ‘A’ frame table black
BALACLAVA!! Plain Pillow
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffee Table Magazines
Trompe Loeil – Seabrook Beach Cottage Yellow

These Mish Mish fairies are SO helpful! 
MishMish – Fairy / Ginger 

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