Shadows of Tranquility

Tucked away beyond the Moors, under shadowy billowing trees, stands the lady in composure, through man’s soul her eyes can see.

Grant her your gaze, when you ask for a favor. Delight in her company, her soothing sweet savor.

And as you retreat from this secret green grotto, do not turn your head to see if she will follow.

Take the lesson, of self reflection. That is the Lady’s only direction.

NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Gate
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Columns
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Bench // PG
Soy. Ivy Trellis (parts: ivy branch thick)

Other goods-
Compulsion Lady Statue
Cube Republic Pans Oak 2022
Cube Republic Fern
Cube Republic Cattails Cluster
Cube Republic Brambles Section
Cube Republic Trillium
NOMAD // Lily of the Valley A
DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Cream
La Petite Vie – Cypres
What-a-Mesh [WaM] Mushroom
Garden by anc slight wildgrass
FINCA – pond moss

Ruminate with me...

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