I’m Levitating

What a cutie patootie! My sugarboo!

One wonders what other flying food debris will she try next, eh?

These tantalizing apple-ishus delicacies can be found at the Witchcraft & Wizardry Event for your immediate consumption and are from Disorderly.

If you find yourself on literal cloud 9 after taking a bite, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

@Wizardry & Witchcraft (Panache Events)
DISORDERLY. / Strudel Sorcery / Magic Ingredients
DISORDERLY. / Strudel Sorcery / Strudel
DISORDERLY. / Strudel Sorcery / Ingredients
DISORDERLY. / Strudel Sorcery / Magic Strudel

@Asian Pacific Heritage Festival 
TAMAGO – Mother’s Arsenal LVL 100 (R) (this one made me LOL)

Other goods-
Dahlia – Conjure – Dried Herbs – Cumin
Dahlia – Conjure – Energy Ball – Black Moonstone
Dahlia – Fairytale – Mirror – Gunmetal
Dahlia – Fairytale – Fairy Dust – Copper
Dahlia – Winter Solstice – Star Garland Wall – Wood
..::THOR::.. Bruja Tea Set
..::THOR::.. Magic Small Drawer – Bonus
..::THOR::.. Celestial Teapot
..::THOR::.. Old Cafe Chair
..::THOR::..Flea Market Table
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – island
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – frames decor
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – chalkboard
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – counter 2
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – sink
Apt B // Tiny Flea Market Closet RARE
[Tia] Pompeii – Fragrant Hanging Herbs
[Tia] Little Herb Hanger
OW Witch’s shelf v1
OW Bottles
OW Magic potions
[ContraptioN] Decor: Mark’s Lamp
[ContraptioN] Decor: Mark’s Shelf w/books
PILOT – Round Woven Rug
Star of the Show – *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Lokmeth (Green)

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