Microcosm ~ something that has the same qualities as something much larger.

I don’t know any other word that could describe the wonderful world of Fantastic Beasts and.. well where to find them?

I’ve been messing around Photoshop a bit more and daring to slide sliders to places no Wendz has gone before, and WOW, this set up is like a soaking saturated mess isn’t it?

But I like it, and I hope you can look beyond the firey orangey shinies to enjoy it too 🙂

@Wizardry & Witchcraft(Panache Events)
Random Matter – Reading Room – Bookcase [Walnut]
Random Matter – Reading Room – Display Case [Walnut]
Restricted Section Bookcase books
Raindale – Netherkeep desk (brown)
Raindale – Netherkeep hatcher
Raindale – Netherkeep terrarium (purple creature)
Raindale – Netherkeep candle
Raindale – Netherkeep hatcher (blue egg)
Raindale – Netherkeep potions
Raindale – Netherkeep scroll 1
::Static:: Fantastic Bestiary {Red} Open
::Static:: Fantastic Bestiary {Red} Closed
Synnergy//Newton’s Magic Wand
SYNNERGY// Open Suitcase
Insomnia Angel . Leliel’s chocolate frog
BTW – Occamie Teapot
BTW – Occamie Tea Cup
BTW – Occamie Egg Cookie
.::IDK::. Skull

Other goods –
Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Ritual Plant – Gold 12
Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Crystals & Books 4
Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Kitty House – RARE 1
Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Kitty – RARE 2
Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Cloche Shelf 3
Dahlia – Surrey – Serving tray
(:ERG:)Plant Growing Kit -Cherry blossom
(:ERG:)Plant Growing Kit -Echeveria
Atelier Burgundy . Lignum Wall Panel
[ContraptioN] Decor: Mark’s Revolving Book Case
NOMAD // 01 // Deco Armchair A
NOMAD // Ocimum Basilicum
NOMAD // Ailanthus Altissima
NOMAD // Sepia Peonies 02
[ zerkalo ] Riyadh – Rug
.random.Matter. – The Watcher – Quill and Inks
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Prosthetic Eyes
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Camera [Black]
.random.Matter. – Magic Shop – Potion Kit
*HEXtraordinary* Bonsai Yama
*HEXtraordinary* Brass Gryphon Statue
*HEXtraordinary* Victorian Cat Lamp
*HEXtraordinary* Baby Octopus Aquarium
*HEXtraordinary* Faerie Dragon – Berry
*HEXtraordinary* Brass Stand Betta Aquarium
*HEXtraordinary* Male Betta – Sunrise Blue

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