Just my wish

Filling wall units can be fun if you’re in it for the long haul!

Dahlia will be releasing the Raine collection for Anthem’s May round, opening on the 3rd. When I say it is a full collection, I mean brimming over abundantly with both gold or silver metal options and the detailing is exquisite.

Of course I added more Dahlia in the nooks, she has so many! Decor, not nooks! I digress, the wall unit comes in 4 optional colors via HUD, and the Swing Arm Light sconce is available with or without light sources.

Tons of options and layouts, and ideas, and shelves! I set up a smol corner in Trompe Loeil’s Coronado Modern Ranch home which is out now at FaMESHed and am looking to showcase more rooms as the week goes on.

Its a little scaled back today compared to what I’ve been putting out lately and indoors even. Who knows, I might be convinced to showcase a bedroom finally… or gasp, a bathroom!

Have a terrific day, fellow traveler!

@ Anthem May 3rd
Dahlia – Raine – Wall Unit
Dahlia – Raine – Mr. Fennec Statue Decor
Dahlia – Raine – Northstar Shelf Decor – Gold
Dahlia – Raine – Moss & Globe Decor – Gold
Dahlia – Raine – Positive Vibes Book Stack
Dahlia – Raine – Canvas Wall Art Stack
Dahlia – Raine – Shelf Decor @
Dahlia – Raine – Shelf Decor Ambersand
Dahlia – Raine – White Stone Vase Clutter
Dahlia – Raine – Floral Kitten Print Frame – Gold
Dahlia – Raine – Dress Form Frame – Texture Change
Dahlia – Raine – Shelf Decor Money Sign
Dahlia – Raine – Shelf Light – Gold

@ FaMESHed May Event
Trompe Loeil – Coronado Modern Ranch

Other goods –
Dahlia – Cici – Lamp – Tall
Dahlia – Cici – Fringe Rug
Dahlia – Cici – Lavender
Dahlia – Binx – Moon Phase Cloche – Gold
Dahlia – Tranquility – Baby Breath Round Vase – Gold
Dahlia – Tranquility – Baby Breath Cage Vase – Gold
Dahlia – Tranquility – Crystal Agate Box – White
Dahlia – Cassiopeia – Decorative Jars
Dahlia – Wendz – Sherpa Chair
Dahlia – Vulnerability – Quatrfoil Rug 2
Dahlia – Julia – Bench – PG
Dahlia – Julia – Eucalyptus Vase – Halo Left
Dahlia – Mara – Two Tone Vase – White
Avani Huron Collection Leaning Frame, All
Atelier Burgundy . Simple Curtain Ia . White
Ariskea[Red Fox] Vase Decor
Ariskea[Jetset] Abstract Painting
Architect. Lorenzo Divider ‘bronze’
FINCA – magazine box 1
FINCA – magazine box 2
{Petite Maison} Posey Painting
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Phoenix Palm
KraftWork Accordion Blinds


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