That That, I Like It

It’s May! And we’re celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage month with a cooler than cool festival!

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival is now open for the public and has a full schedule of events, presentations, and shopping to boot! I will be including several links to follow below so be sure to bookmark.

On May 8th at 11amSLT I will also be participating in a group discussion panel, “Growing up Asian and Pacific Islander”, so come and visit if you can!

Above is a close-up of Sari-Sari’s exclusive release for the festival, a deep fried dessert made of bananas, originated in the country of the Philippines, called Turon (too-rohn). There are bento versions available so you can enjoy while touring the many festival sites!

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival Official Website –

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival Schedule of Events

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival Shopping Guide (Open Market)

APHF Official Flickr Group


I hope to see you in world soon! And be sure to bring a friend, or your family to tour the parade of country floats, they are absolutely gorgeous!

@ Asian Pacific Heritage Festival 5/1-30

Sari-Sari – Philippine Flag v2 (bento) *add* (GIFT)
Sari-Sari – Turon Plate
Kiyori // Daruma Coin Bank (White)
AVENIR: Isaw Decor – BLACK –
CHAI Asian Heritage Free Gift

Other goods-
[Marushin]Denshoku Kanban
[MRS]Ramen signboard[A]
[MRS]Keyless Locker[JPN]
[MRS]Kakigori cup(DECO)
[MRS]Kakigori syrup(DECO)
[MRS]Kakigori machine
[MRS]Straw spoon in cup(DECO)
mintae. Sweet Summer – Mochi Box
mintae. Sweet Summer – Cream Rolls Box
mintae. Sweet Summer – Strawberry Cream Rolls Box
[Cat-Noodle] Sloppy Katsu Sando
[Cat-Noodle] Sloppy Tomago Sando
{BE} Red bean roll
Pewpew! Churros – Cream
Pewpew! Strawberry Yogurt
Kalopsia – Bamboo Hanger
[Cinoe] Tokyo cafe weather – Cold green tea
[Cinoe] Tokyo cafe weather – Cold coffee
Plaaka CheesePacks
PLAAKA PhoStandCutlery
14 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cups-
Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Island
MAke a MArk * M^2 * Japanese Metro station
MAke a MArk * M^2 * Japanese City Complex
dust bunny . string lights . colored

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