Gaia Unleashed

Whimsical, fantastical, ethereal creations await you!

So I had the opportunity to tour Fantasy Faire’s Necturn Moon region this past week with all the intention of just absorbing the absolute massive scale of this project. My smol brain still cannot fathom the hours and days it took. Much respect Julala Demina (Jinx) & Lil Cinnamon!

Konoha was very kind enough to send me her exclusives for the Faire and I admit I struggled because it is so out of my comfort zone as far as traditional decorating. The Jadite trees have 6 color options available and the citrine flora come with 3 different intensities. I’ve included the slurl to their store in Necturn Moon below!

I only hope I did your gorgeous designs justice! All the other goodies are listed below if you’re interested. It is for a worthy cause so read up and do visit the Faire soon!

Konoha @ Fantasy Faire 2022
Konoha – Jadite tree
Konoha – Citrine flora

Other goods-
Cerridwen’s Cauldron [CC] Sidhe Trumpet Mushroom
3rd Eye_ Glowbell Flowers
3rd Eye_ Osiria Plants
3rd Eye_ Spirit Light Grass
Cube Republic Cavern
The Looking Glass TLG – FF2018 Glow Ferns Cluster

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