Its Always You

Evening fellow H&G enthusiasts! Welcome to another episode of where the path lies..

Well virtual-istally, its heading off a platform, but your imagination is just as broad as mine I bet!

There were no touch ups with this baby, its alllll Black Dragon RAW (that sounds spicy right?) Just goes to show that we have some of the best 3D artists in the metaverse and their designs can stand alone and are worth investing in.

Do scroll through the details below if you can. And as always, we’re glad for your visit!

@Cosmopolitan till April 17th
FINCA – Lily bell light tea (C)
Konoha – Tulipa mellow

@Neo Japan
Konoha – Wisteria imaze

Other goods-
FINCA Paris Pathway
FINCA Curved Tall hedge
Konoha Hesperis river
Konoha Hydrangea bren
Konoha – Jacaranda kayla
Konoha Prunus lanie
Konoha WildlyFluffy Natoma Grass
Dahlia – Ravello – Fountain
Dahlia – Evelyn – Birdbath –
Cube Republic Douglas Fir

Ruminate with me...

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