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Good evening from Seattle, fellow blog traveler. Today’s inspo comes from Soul2Soul for this round of Cosmopolitan. A gorgeous addition to the Honey series with additional pastel texture options (pillows).

Minnie describes this series as a combination of Scandi & Boho design with a french vintage twist. I can totally see this collection outdoors as well either in a veranda or lanai. Only limit is your imagination!

Do check out the creds for more info! Cheers to your Friday Junior 🙂

@Cosmopolitan 3/21
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Armchair
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pouf
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Armchair w/Throw
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Cabinet
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Cabinet wide
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Leaning Mirrors
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Tulips Vase
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pampas Floor Vase Sml
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pampas Floor Vase Lrg
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Birdcage

@Arcade March Round
13. Sequel – Divider Walls – Beams Light

@FINCA mainstore
FINCA – decorative branch (A) maple

Other goods:
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Rug
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Table Lamp
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Dieffenbachia Plant
Soul2Soul. Diana Muslin Curtain A. Puddled
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Candle Sml
Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Glass jar
Avani Orono Collection Painted Side Table, Dove
Avani Tunisian Clay Beads with Wooden Stool
Dahlia – Emilia – Glass Table
Concept} 08. Chiringuito. Fish light
Concept} 06. Dunas woods
Concept} 07. Geneve.Clay vases
Concept} 05. Geneve. Wool Rug
Concept} 03. Rodas. Bottles
[ keke ] paper whites – jar
[ keke ] message in a bottle
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
PILOT – The Ugly Pelican – Decor
PILOT & JIM – Sketchbook
Cube Republic CR Joshua Tree 4

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