Just one day

Weekend wares and treats from Cinoe for Arcade!

Hi fellow weekend blog scrolling travelers! Some really cute foodstuffs from Cinoe, hopefully you all have had a chance to visit Arcade for this round.

I’ve been taking intermittent breaks from Cozey to recuperate and get some much needed rest, at least mentally. It is always a good thing to be greedy about rest, IMHO 🙂

Do check out the rest of the goods below! Much aloha for the visit, make sure you grab that treat!

@Arcade March Event
1.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Register RARE
2.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Counter
3.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Glass case
4.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cookie jar
5.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Pie jar
6.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Pound cake (Vanilla)
7.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Pound cake (Nuts)
8.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Jam Bread
9.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Marble cake
10.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cinnamon roll
11.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Icing donut
12.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cheese Tart
13.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cookie pack (wear)
14.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Pie pack (wear)
15.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Jam Bread pack (wear)
16.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Marble cake pack (wear)
17.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cheese Tart pack (wear)
18.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Cinnamon roll pack (wear)
19.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Icing donut pack (wear)
20.[Cinoe] Amber Break – Latte
.random.Matter. – Golden Age – Telephone

Other goods:
Pitaya Farm Curtains
ATTIC 2 A. Lemon Cupcakes
Tentacio Love donas
Tentacio Cookie bag
Tentacio Take away bag
Serenity Style- Pile of dishes
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Cake Stand
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Baking Trays
.03 [ kunst ] – Vintage jug
.09 [ kunst ] – Books
Apt B // Tiny Flea Market Plate Shelf
Apt B // Creative Outdoors – Table Brown
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {4}
:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {3}
:HAIKEI: End of the day Gahca {2}
:HAIKEI: where you’ve been /gacha {5}
:HAIKEI: Lazy Sunday gacha {3}
:HAIKEI: I’m Old Fashioned GACHA / RARE
Kalopsia – Jars
Kalopsia – Twigs Lamp
Kalopsia – Vintage Sink
Kalopsia – Plants – High Stand
Kalopsia – Dresser – Petroleum
Kalopsia – Sideboard – Petroleum
Kalopsai – Plants – High Stand
llorisen // finial Set
llorisen // small white candle holder
llorisen // tall white candle holder
Soy. Shag Round Rug w. texture changer

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