Be Your Light

The whole world is different from yesterday.

Happy Friday fellow blog travelers! If you’re like me, you are taking in every positive thought and vibe you can find out here in the metaverse. But with how plugged in we are, it is always nice to unplug, and tap into the flow of the actual universe..(see what I did there?!)

I recently took a short but needed trip back home to Hawai’i, and brought my now adult children with. Its been 28 years since! Kept up with current events while there, and tried to keep an attitude of gratefulness. I still am, at least trying to. It always seems like the door to uncertainty, doubt, even fear, is constantly on the verge of busting open.

But I am seeing, that most of humanity continues to have hope. Sharing this light is hard, truth be told. So if you just need a place to sit for a spell, fellow warrior, than come! There’s planyy room, and we are here 🙂

@Finca Mainstore Weekend Sale
FINCA – bird nest bell chimes stone (no nest)

Konoha – Jacaranda kayla

@Arcade March Round
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Dinning table
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Buffet
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chair (Adult)
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Bottle rack
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Spices tray
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Small table
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Jar with sunflowers
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Tray of apples
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Breadbasket
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Fruit platter
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chianti bottle
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Chianti set
[IK] Taste of Tuscany – Mosaic
.random.Matter. – Golden Age – Radio [Light]

Other goods:
FINCA – Aloe Vera tall
TB Maison Sun Petals Mirror
Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Wooden Candle Holder
MADRAS Bradfield Wood Wreath ~ Pine
OW Bottles
[ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons
Serenity Style- Pile of dishes
Pitaya – Round Rug – Navy
8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS
SAYO – Brixton Bar Set – Lemons & Limes
JIAN Butterfly Collection (Hoverer)
Mori. tiles distressed sun
CR Pampas Grass
Reid Parkin Hydrangea Bush
[DDD] Draping Ivy – Large Clump – RFL Exclusive
DRD Gardenhouse flowerpot
Trompe Loeil – Knoxlane Barrel Bench
Trompe Loeil – The Cortona Villas

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