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Smol deco is my weakness.. or strength depending on the time of day.

Quickly before the moon rises, I wanted to show off the new Alisa Cabinet set from Elm Decor for Kustom9.

If you’re looking for those little bits to fill your home, I totally recommend getting this entire series. Some of the items are available in two color versions. They’re all modifiable too, so you can customize your setting.

Soul2Soul is also participating in Shiny Shabby this month and featuring a new set of drapes. The Diana set is available in muslin or floral patterns, each with additional textures via clickity menu. Do check out the demo!

As my Saturday evening draws to a close, I am reminded of the many home and garden bloggers out there who are doing amazing work to share SL content. They’re unsung heroes, and so much of their work goes unnoticed. I’m including a link below to the new Love to Decorate (by All about Home) Flickr pool, where you can follow new home and garden content creators that you might not have seen before.

Love to Decorate by All About Home Flickr

Borahae and until we meet again!


Elm Alisa Cabinet & Decor
Elm. Alisa Bar Decor ~ Bar Shelf Decor
Elm. Alisa Bar Decor ~ Decanter
Elm. Alisa Bar Decor ~ Glassware
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Cutting Boards
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Duo Photo Frames
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Salad Bowl
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Salt & Pepper Mills
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Small Candle [Nude]
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Solo Photo Frame
Elm. Alisa Cabinet Decor ~ Soy Candle
Elm. Alisa Cabinet ~ Gray & Oak
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Baking Trays
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Bowl Stack
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Cake Stand
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Decorative Bowls
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Decorative Cups
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Decorative Vase
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Lemon Juicer
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Plate Stack

@Shiny Shabby
Soul2Soul. Diana Muslin Curtain. Tied

Other goods:
Avani Lazar Collection Weathered Dining Table, White Oak
Avani Lazar Collection Low Track Arm Side Chair, All
Avani Orono Collection Artdec Chandelier, Charcoal
Avani Anatolia Rug Collection, All
Avani Byron Collection Plate Setting
Avani Chaz Collection Empty Vessel, Small
Bazar Crete-Door decoration
Bazar Crete Crete-Baskets
~BAZAR~Berlin-Plant 2
~BAZAR~Berlin-Plant 1
17 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d’hiver: Wine Glass
Plaaka CottonFruits
Soy. Potted Olive Tree
hive // kentia palm plant
hive // mass canes plant
hive // bird of paradise plant v2
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Milk Can
Apple Fall Baby Fiddle Leaf
Mutresse-Bored-Witty Cats
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
:HAIKEI: dusky white skybox


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