Until the spring comes again

Well I’m a sucker for a spectacular spectacle, and even though Spring is still afar off, we here at Cozey believe wholeheartedly in sunny scenes!

Ahhh nothing like basking in SL sun lol. Cube Republic is a familiar name around here, and he has been dabbling in design again, hoorah for us! These bearded Iris’ are now available at his main store location. A total of 11 gorgeous textures are at your fingertips…

I did not include my favorite shades in here, so you’ll have to take the limo there to see the navy and deep purple (yum).

Spring may be my favorite out of all the seasons, because its very therapeutic to throw ivy and grass on every surface I have found. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday fellow traveler, and let me know if you have any questions or just need some company ❤

Cube Republic New Release!
Cube Republic Bearded Iris (11 Texture Options via menu/1li/cm)

FINCA Basic Hedges Sale @ Mainstore

Newchurch :: N :: Condo Birdhouse, Pastel
Newchurch :: N :: Simple Wide Birdhouse, Pink/Green
Newchurch :: N :: Outhouse Birdhouse, White
Newchurch :: N :: Triple Birdhouse, Pink/White
JIAN Dove Cage
JIAN Dove :: Placer
JIAN Butterfly Collection (Percher)
Konoha Prunus lanie
Apple Fall Kent Wall Set
Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor
{anc} Japanese parsley
CR Sedge Green
Heart Weeping Willow

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