It all passes, someday, for sure, certainly

Just like the night leaves and the morning comes, spring leaves and summer comes..

Just like the flower wilts and the fruit grows ripe, everything needs to go through pain.
Embrace the world and suck in a breath, that prickling air that fills up your lungs says everything; the long, painful, the dull..

Everyday I pray that I may become a slightly better adult, and everyday I stay
Since both people and pain will all die one day.

If you want to become dull, you need to go out into the wind because in dreams, things can’t last forever

Instead of unclear words like ‘cheer up’.. instead of the lies like ‘everyone is the same’, pray this wind will pass like all winds do..

Zashiki-gi :: Zodiac Display Eto 2022
DYNASTY – Antique Screen – Brown
[[RH]] NIHONKAOKU -Japanese Summer House
[[RH]] Japanese Summer House Wall Light
[[RH]] Uchiwa Display (Fan)
[[RH]] YUUKAKU -Oozara- (Party food)
[[RH]] Japanese Summer House Garden Stone
taikou / cozy kotatsu (w/ pillows)
taikou / kakejiku hanging scroll (women)
taikou / chopstick rest
taikou / wooden fence (A)
Soy. Knotted Hanging Cloth [white]
Soy. Oriental Plants [potted fruticosa]
Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Light -Half rolled
220ML – Peace & Sake Set
[MB] Kokeshi
[MB] OKAZARI -New Year Decoration- 2019
[MB] Tsukimi-dango (dango)
[MB] OBANZAI -Tamagoyaki- (omelet)
[MB] OBANZAI -Soramame- (boild beans)
–ANHELO-G02_18-178GA :: TV
KOPI Rambutan_dish
KOPI Star fruits_box
KOPI Lychee_box
KOPI Sugar apple_box
KOPI Display Board_Succulent Plant
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Moon Lamp
8f8 – New Beginnings – Cherry Vase
Cube Republic CR Sedge 9 Green
[Harshlands] Fir Tree
*Lyrics by RM

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