Blue and Grey

Where’s my angel, draped over at the end of the day?

I get the feeling you may be visiting for traditional deco inspo, but I really just wanted to let the image speak for itself.

Coming back to Cozey, was like coming back home. I did not realize how much I had missed just being able to re-create something I had seen or experienced IRL. You can call it therapy, a creative outlet, a hobby, your sole source of income, your part-time income…but at the end of the day, we know it is a special part of our Youniverse.

I’m very thankful that I can still sit at a computer, and maneuver whatever tools available to ‘flesh’ out the many, many rooms in my heart and mind.

This picture is my feeble homage to a music video from a certain band. I’ll let you guess whom lol. The scene and setting immediately tickled my neurons, and the lyrics can either drive you into a spiral, or calm you enough to close your eyes and feel your troubles melt away.

I hope it at the least soothes your spirit. And if not, I promise to be back with another scene busting home decor post tomorrow 🙂

Build is by Haikei (Life is noise)
All greenery is credited to Cube Republic, Studio Skye Designs, Half-Deer and Dysfunctionality
Taken with Niran’s Black Dragon Viewer
Windlight (Lucy Series) by Jay T Murs

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