Live rejoicing everyday

My brain says its winter still, but my heart is flying towards spring!

Finca’s newest release are the Paris Park Pathway and an exclusive hedge set with a total of 8 shapes, all copy/mod and ready for your next project. They are both for sale at the main store location this weekend, so do be sure to take advantage!

After setting this scene up, I was totally in the feels! Recollecting memories of hours and hours of landscaping that totally changed my perception of how to world build in SL. They were truly therapeutic, as was creating today’s capture. There is nothing like covering every empty space with ivy (chuckles).

I hope you have a great weekend, fellow traveler, and always am glad for your company.

Sale @ Finca Main Store location

Paris Park Pathway & Paris Pathway sewer
10 different pathway shapes and intersections! See AD here
8 Piece Basic Hedge Set! See AD here

Other credits-
Dahlia Bryant Garbage Pail
Dahlia Bryant Lamp Post
MADRAS Bunny Statue White
01 MADRAS Peafowl Statue White (7LI) RARE
Bazar Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)
*HEXtraordinary* White Dogwood Wreath
3rd Eye Perceptions Winds of Change Paper Birds
Fancy Decor: Davis Panels & window
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
:HAIKEI: Boring day gacha RARE (build)

**If you have any questions about any specific object let me know in the comments or in-world! 

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