You never walk alone

When it rains, I dance over this city, my world raises a toast to the fog on clear days.. 

What a rarity in Seattle, this bright yellow thing in the sky!

Soul2Soul’s latest release is the Honey Natural’s Living room set, that includes sofa, coffee table, side table and a few lovely accessories. Do scroll to the credits for info.

I came across one of my all time favorite pieces, 22769’s Neverland Clock which I’ve probably used over and over again. It is one of those time-less items that never fails me, and it works in-world too, chimes, ticks and all.

What’s your favorite piece? I’d love to know!

@Soul2Soul Mainstore
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Sofa – Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Coffee Table
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Side Table
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Table Lamp
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Flower Teapot
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Flower Basket
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Rug
Soul2Soul. Honey Naturals Books Clutter

@Shiny Shabby
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Chest -Fatpack

MADRAS Vaso Liscio D

@My Bloody Valentine
Dahlia – Cuore – Balloons – Plain – Floating – White
Dahlia – Cuore – Balloons – Plain – Tall – White

Other goods-
Dahlia – North – Birch Logs – Gold
Dahlia – North – Fireplace – FATPACK
Dahlia – Holly – Rotary Phone – White 16
Dahlia – Plymouth – Love Birds – White 2.0
Dahlia – Julia – Candles & Books – Halo
Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Perfume – White
Dahlia – Hiraeth – Baby Breath – Doily 16 C/M
DISORDERLY. / A Timely Vintage / Clocks in Jar
MADRAS Bradfield Wood Wrea~ White
[ zerkalo ] All White – Basket
[ zerkalo ] All White – Canopy
[ zerkalo ] All White – Mirror
[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream – Rug
[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream White – Chandelier
[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream White – Table
[ zerkalo ] Winter Dream – Three Pillows
[ zerkalo ] Britain’s Bedroom – Curtain Light
Soy. Dried Plants Set [F]
[ keke ] milk jug flowers – white
[ keke ] rainfall glitter broad
[ keke ] book-s-table . white
tarte. allison room divider (white) w lights
+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree – White
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes – High – Plain (opaque)
+Half-Deer+ Handwritten Christmas Sign – Peace
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7
tarte. lighted birch tree A – size 2
JIAN Playful Pibbles 19. Pit Stop Bed (modified)

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