Cozey Hodgepodgey

Wouldn’t necessarily call this cozy by any means, but it is our kind of cute chaos!

So this is my first time experiencing Cozyfest and couldn’t help but smile at the name of the event, because, well!

Today’s inspo comes from both Dahlia and Disorderly’s releases for the event. Dahlia’s very cute pillow stack is available in several color/pattern options. Disorderly has released a gorgeous mini suitcase with lots of little details included, also available in several colors.

I tried to mimic my real life studio/desk area. I however do not have an entire cake on my desk, but BOY would that be awesome.

Dahlia’s gift for this month is the Panache Cake which you can only get by joining the Panache Customer group in world (link below). Yes its free and yes there is a texture menu option for more selections! yay!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting fellow blogscroller!

@Panache Events Group Gift (must join Panache Customer Group In-world)
Dahlia – Panache – Cake – Dispenser

Dahlia – Stay Cozy – Pillow Stack – Texture Change
DISORDERLY. / Cozy Packing / Purple

DISORDERLY. / Soft Color / Single Candle / Purple

Other Goods-
Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Perfume – Purple C/M
Dahlia – Cleo – Triple Moon Succulent – Pink/Purple
[ARIA] Delilah ottoman (PG) – N-TwentyOne exclusive
[ARIA] Delilah decorative vases group with Poppies
ACORN Polaroid Camera -Purple
ACORN Take Away Cup -Grape
ACORN Macaron 3pc -Grape
floorplan. single photo
MADRAS Ooty Ele-Planter Pink
MishMish – Ceramic Friend Oil Diffuser
MishMish – Ceramic Friend Oil Diffuser – Box Decor
-tres blah- Salad Days – Striped Planner
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Agenda RARE
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Hot Lips Phone (Pink)
mintae. Kawaii Tech – Flowers
[ keke ] glass art – grace
[ keke ] pencils 3
[ keke ] star string
[ keke ] bokeh glitter big – pink
Kaleidoscope – Purple Arrow Wing Decor
ERSCH – K-Pop pin 02 Hand
ERSCH – K-Pop pin 10 Peachy
+Half-Deer+ Heart Glitter – Pink B

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