Moved by A Gift

I wanted to create a scene reminiscent of past memories. Of an island girl who asked too many questions, and was never shy around the kitchen.

Greetings fellow traveler of the blogdom! I hope you have been enjoying these mini excursions into my inventory. There are still boxes and boxes unopened so hold on to your keyboards a bit more lol.


Today’s inspo comes mainly from a picture in my head, of a small, out of the way, village in Maui where I grew up. Most of the buildings were made out of scrap wood, cement blocks and corrugated galvanized roofs. I distinctly remember going to our outside kitchen every day after school waiting for whatever treat or morsel the grandmas and aunts were making.

And it was always ONO! Do you have good or bad memories centered around food or the kitchen? Its okay, we’re all safe here. And you’re always welcomed!

@ FaMESHed
MADRAS Decor Tree FreeGift
MADRAS Vaso Liscio G
MADRAS Vaso Liscio H
MADRAS Vaso Liscio F
MADRAS Vaso Liscio C
MADRAS Vaso Liscio B
MADRAS Vaso Liscio A
MADRAS Vaso Liscio E

@Food Court
Pitaya – Spices Seller – Bag 02
Pitaya – Spices Seller – Bag 05
Pitaya – Spices Seller – Bag 01
Pitaya – Spices Seller – Closed Bag

@SL Home Decor Weekend 1/7
FINCA Wooden square hanging lamp – brown bronze
FINCA Wooden round floor lamp – brown bronze

Other Noms-
PLAAKA Kamado Gray
PLAAKA BottleKiln
PLAAKA Kamado Gray
PLAAKA DaikonDryingStand
PLAAKA SuppliesContainer(JapaneseWhiteRadish)
PLAAKA Sichirin(Saucepan)
PLAAKA Sichirin(SoupPot)
PLAAKA WaterBowlBiotope
PLAAKA HibachiPlantPot
PLAAKA TillandsiaStreptophylla
PLAAKA TillandsiaAeranthos
PLAAKA lettuce
PLAAKA Vegetables
PLAAKA WoodenBananaTree
MADRAS Fish on Newspaper Rustic Decor
08 MADRAS Mango Delight Jar
MADRAS 01 MI Watermelon Box
MADRAS 11 MI Banana Box
[MB] OBANZAI -Hiyashi tomato- (tomato)
[MB] OBANZAI -Kabocha Server- (pumpkin
Soy. Sliced Onion [prop]
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Shabby Stands
Soy. Stacked FIrewood [B]
Soy. Knotted Hanging Cloth [beige]
Soy. Bamboo Curtain
[ keke ] kitchen knife and board
[ keke ] hard to find plates stack
[ keke ] simple kitchen clutter . bowls
[ keke ] hard to find cutlery in glass
OW Rustic basket of veggies v2
[Tia] Pompeii – Fragrant Hanging Herbs
Sari-Sari – Wooden Stool
Sari-Sari – Balut Basket
Sari-Sari – Topping Basket
Sari-Sari – Improvised Table
taikou / wooden fence (B) {click to tex change}
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Unlikely Friends

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