Seven summers and cold winters

One day when this cheer dies down, stay….hey!

We’re turning another page in our Cozey planner and just ahead are bright sights and beautiful bountiful dishes created by Mamere!

Cheers to a wonderful incoming 2022! I am personally going to lovingly devour these cutesy buns waistline be darned! Do check out the details below!

Quick tip- The Mamere items are no mod/no transfer just FYI but most all of them are all dispensers so all you have to do is click to get a wearable version!

@Harajuku December 20th – January 10th 
[Mamere] Spring Roll dispenser
[Mamere] Gyoza dispenser
[Mamere] Soy sauce dish
[Mamere] Gyoza sauce dish
[Mamere] Chinese Sauce bottle set

@Okinawa New Year Festival Dec 26th 7am 2021 – Jan 12th 2022
[Mamere] Ningyoyaki dispenser GIFT
[Mamere] Animal bun Tiger dispenser GIFT
[Mamere] Animal bun Pig dispenser
[Mamere] Animal bun Panda dispenser
[Mamere] Animal bun Kappa dispenser
[Mamere] Animal bun Cat dispenser
[Mamere] Animal bun Rabbit dispenser
[Mamere] Animal bun Chick dispenser

@Planet 29 December 29th – January 22th
[Mamere] Sake tasting set
[Mamere] Sake Tesu
[Mamere] Sake Miyabi no sato
[Mamere] Cat Zenzai dispenser

Other Goods-
[Mamere] Cat cream puff dispenser
taikou / furikake gohan
taikou / nori komi furikake
taikou / iwashi no shioyaki
taikou / chopstick rest
taikou / wooden dining chair (light)
taikou / wooden dining table (light)
MADRAS Ooty Sugar Cup GIFT
MADRAS Ooty Turtle Tea Pot White
MADRAS Wooden Slice Serve Board
MADRAS Ooty Elephant Tea Cup Seafoam
MADRAS Ooty Ele-Planter Seafoam
-Sorumin- Crate of mandarins
PLAAKA SeasonedRice with Chestnuts
Soy. the soy sause (gift)
Old World Crabs with beer v1
Old World Permission basket v2
MudHoney Talia Bench – Beige
MudHoney Talia Rug

Ruminate with me...

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