Until Christmas

This countdown may or may not be the sweetest waiting ever!

Believe you me, I also wish I could teleport these goodies through my screen! I have been meaning to pay a little homage to my pal, Rogue Falconer of Disorderly this month, because she has a plethora of Christmas items from the past and present that you’ll want to pick  up.

Right now you can get the Cupcake Xmas’ collection at Santa Inc. and btw, they are wearables. I just used for deco of course. If you cannot find any of these Disorderly items in store (I think you can, she’s placed a lot on sale the last few weeks!), then I strongly recommend checking out Disorderly on Marketplace, where there are past releases.

The Madpea Christmas countdown was a 2020 release, but I rezzed it out and it still counted correctly for this year lol. Orrr I may be seeing things! Tell me the truth are you Christmas’d out yet? I think I have thiiis much more room left!

Thank you for the visit today fellow blog traveler! Until Christmas! Maybe before! 💜

@ Santa INC.
*DISORDERLY. / Cupcake Xmas / Christmas Tree / R
*DISORDERLY. / Cupcake Xmas / Snowflake / L
*DISORDERLY. / Cupcake Xmas / Gingerbread / L
What Next? Christmas Blend Cocoa Tray

*MADRAS SantaCream Decor B

Lagom – Nordic Holiday dining [ Table Blue ]

Raindale – Sweetlight candy canes decor

Other goods!
*DISORDERLY. / Dessert for Xmas / Mini Cake / Holly
*DISORDERLY. / Dessert for Xmas / Party Cake / RARE
*DISORDERLY. / A Very Cherry Xmas / Cherry Pavlova / Gold
*DISORDERLY. / A Very Cherry Xmas / Cherry Cookies / Gold
*DISORDERLY. / A Very Cherry Xmas / Cherry Wine / Gold
NOMAD // Tinsel Curtain // Gold
MadPea Christmas Countdown Calendar
MadPea Sleigh Table (modified)
[Merak] – Gingerbread Tree Snack
17 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d’hiver: Wine Glass
09 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d’hiver: Dessert Plates
*KraftWork Magnolia . Nuts Bowl
[wn] Log Slice Stand (standalone)
[ keke ] hard to find cutlery in glass
*O.M.E.N – Christmas Morning – Gift Box – Red/Green Paper
*O.M.E.N – Christmas Morning – Gift Box – Green/Red Paper
{YD} Christmas surprise – Candle
Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Photo Arch” RARE
MVT – Jelly cookie lover mug 1
MVT – Santa’s hot cocoa topping

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