Daylight will glow

“This cold the damn world gave to me, prompts me to press the dust-covered rewind.
Dancing off-beat lying on the ground, o
nce winter comes, let’s exhale a warmer breath

Nothing like letting the pinky side through to the holiday season! TBH I was just looking for an excuse to do a pink/gold themed room, so this was perfect!

Dahlia’s new release for C88 is the North set, a marble fireplace with additional accessories to liven up even the gloomiest of winters. The North set has either silver or gold themes so do check out the demo in-world!

And more from Arcade, naturally. Have a wonderful rest of your Wendzday! 💜

*Dahlia – North – Fireplace
*Dahlia – North – Fireplace Tools – Gold
*Dahlia – North – Birch Logs – Gold
*Dahlia – North – Print – Too Glam

@Arcade December 2021
BananaN 6 Lilou set cabinet
BananaN 2 Lilou set chair 2
BananaN 7 Lilou set gingerbread display
BananaN 8 Lilou set cups and candy
.muffin. Kawaii Rugs (Cloud)
LEMME…Romantic Christmas / Shelf / RARE
LEMME…Hanging Snowflakes
LEMME…Holly leaves / Pink

@Santa Inc.
Raindale – Cristalmoor deer 2

@SL Holiday Shop & Hop
Eclectica Curiosities- It’s a gold vase! GIFT
[ bubble ] Christmas Candle GIFT

@Seraphim Advent Day 7
tarte. twig star light GIFT

Other goods-
*DISORDERLY. / Geometrics / Diamonds
*Dahlia – Reese – Side Table – Pink
*Dahlia – Winter Solstice – Star Garland Wall – Gold
*Dahlia – Winter Solstice – Star Garland Floor – Gold
*Dahlia – Winter Memory – Suitcase – Pink
*Dahlia – Foodie – Sweetie Ornament – Icecream
*SAYO – Boudoir Bedroom – Fur Rug
*SAYO – Secret Room Scene (modified)
Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier
ASO! Vintage Curtain (white)
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier Victoire *Pink* [Decor] type3
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier Victoire *Pink* [Decor] type1
MICHAN – Sweet Tooth – Xmas Cookies [Pastel]
MICHAN – Sweet Tooth – Pastry Puff [Strawberry]
MICHAN – Sweet Tooth – Strawberry Creamed Buns RARE
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II – Princess – Presents (shaded)
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II – Princess – Tree
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland – Princess – Vertical
+Half-Deer+ Metal Leaf Vines – All – Vertical
*{moss&mink} All that Glitters – Ruffle Wreath (pastel)
*{moss&mink} All that Glitters – Candle Pink

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