The Art of Thanksgiving

We at Cozey are thankful for you, fair reader and traveler of the SL Blog’verse!

To save you from all the text blocks today, this is copied from Eclipse Magazine’s founder, Dylan Auriana (Trouble Dethly)’s Facebook page regarding this terrific holiday event:

   The Interactive Cookie Swap at the Winter Village presented by Solstice is now open! Be sure to come visit our 28 uniquely decorated gingerbread homes. Each home has a custom made cookie to collect with two rezzable decor versions and one holdable version. All these cookies come with a corresponding real life recipe in our companion publication:…/docs/cookie_swap_recipe_book

Do be sure to visit the sim! I’ve also decorated my own gingerbread house for the event! (Hint: Candy Cane Cookies!) It was SO fun to do, and I’m so thankful that I was able to participate!

Take your time perusing ye ole creditos, and as always if you have any questions, let me know! Praying your thanksgiving is a memorable one!

@Winter Village Presented by Solstice COOKIE SWAP GIFTS!

Cookie Swap – Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
Cookie Swap – Gingerbread Man
Cookie Swap – Gingerdoodles
Cookie Swap – Thumbprint Cookies
Cookie Swap – Rugelach
Cookie Swap – Spritz Cookies
Cookie Swap – Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies
Cookie Swap – Pecan Tassies
Cookie Swap – Peanut Butter Blossom
Cookie Swap – Linzer Cookie
Cookie Swap – Haystack Cookies
Cookie Swap – Pecan Snowballs
Cookie Swap – No Bake Oreo Balls
Cookie Swap – Cranberry White Choc Shortbread Cookie
Cookie Swap – Elisenlebkuchen
Cookie Swap – Alfajores
Cookie Swap – Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Cookie Swap – Eggnog Cookies
Cookie Swap – Dark Chocolate Orange Biscotti
Cookie Swap – Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies
Cookie Swap – Italian Rainbow Cookies
Cookie Swap – Christmas Tree Meringue
Cookie Swap – Christmas Shortbread Cookies
Cookie Swap – Christmas Sandwich Creme
Cookie Swap – Christmas MnM Cookies
Cookie Swap – Sugar Cookies
Cookie Swap – White Choc Peppermint Cookies
Cookie Swap – Candy Cane Cookies

@ The Liaison Collaborative
[R.G x S.S] McCallister Bird (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Bowl of Stuffing (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Apple Bean Salad (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Asparagus Dish (Decor)
[R.G x S.S] Bean & Bacon (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Brussel Sprout Bowl (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Mash Potatoes Bowl (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Cauliflower Dish (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Cranberry Boat (decor)
[R.G x S.S] Vineyard (decor)

*KraftWork Ouray Gazebo and Pergola . Gazebo

@ Collabor88
Soy. Console [made of ceramic sculpture]

@ Tannenbaum
BALACLAVA!! Holiday Advent Decor [Floor]

Other Goodies-
Drink Table
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Arrangement Dark
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Wine Glasses
*Dahlia – Malarkey – Ice Bucket
*Dahlia – Cora’s Champagne – Champagne Bottle – Brut
*Dahlia – Cora’s Champagne – Champagne Ice Bucket – Brut
*Dahlia – La Riviera – Shiraz Bottle – Extra Rez
*Dahlia – La Riviera – Riesling Bottle – Extra Rez
220ML – Wine Table Me and You – Grape
220ML – Wine Table Me and You – Cheese
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves – Light Green – Ground

Dessert Table
*KraftWork Holiday Cocktails . Christmas Wine Bottle 1
*KraftWork Holiday Cocktails . Christmas Wine Bottle 2
*Dahlia – Liam – Long Tray – Copper – Oxidized
{YD} Christmas surprise – Candle
+Half-Deer+ Tassel Garland – Christmas – Long

Dinner Table
*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Dining Table
{wn} Antler Candle Holder (always lit)
*HEXtraordinary* Brass Reindeer Antler Candle
OW Medieval bowl of apples v2
OW Bottles
OW Olive set v2
8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS Group Gift
[we’re CLOSED] fur carpet cream
[Brixley] farmhouse kitchen – rug

Other other goodies
*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Wooden Candle Holder
*KraftWork Ouray Collection . Rustic Pine Trees
*KraftWork Fall Dinnerware Corduroy Pumpkin Center Piece Metal
*KraftWork Hanging Sled Decor . Hanging Pans
*KraftWork Fall Ribbon Wreath . Wreath Control
*KraftWork Rustic Poinsettia Wreath
*KraftWork Hanging Sled Decor . Wood
* RGB DECO * Christmas Berry Wreath

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