Cozey Christmas Commotion

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad!

When you find them, you’ll know they always steal the show! I’ve gathered, no, assembled, nooo amassed! Yes, that’s the word. I’ve amassed a catastrophe conglomerate of Christmasy things old and new, for a holiday shopperette such as you!

I’ve filled every nook and cranny, with sleigh bells that ring, and reindeer a many plenty planny?? Look carefully fair traveler, this scene beckons your gaze! ‘Tis not clutter per se, if Christmas is your favorite, phase.

On Harry, on Hermoine! Upon the housetop reindeer pause, Oh look! I see, about three Santy Here’s a broom, to please help with the mess, of Dasher and Prancer, they’re quite boisterous, I confess!

I’m all out of rhymes, don’t ask me for more. My rhyme thing is broken, my brain thing is quite sore. But maybe you smiled a small smile or two. Then my job is quite done, now shoo, shoo, shoo!

*DISORDERLY. / Boarding Winter / Lighted Leaning / White

@Snowdrops Market
*Dahlia – Holiday – Milk & Cookies Candle – Rose Gold
*Dahlia – Snowdrop – Ornament – Cranberry GIFT
*Dahlia – Snowdrop – Ornament – Forest GIFT
*Dahlia – Snowdrop – Ornament – Snow GIFT
*Atelier Burgundy . Christmas Frames GIFT

@ Tannenbaum
*DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas / Fancy Bow / Multi
andika[For Santa]Milk Bottle
Atelier Burgundy . Christmas Gifts Pile . Santas Helper
Atelier Burgundy . Christmas Gifts Pile . Santa
BALACLAVA!! Holiday Advent Decor [Floor]
MVT – Christmas stocking mood – Red – New phone
MVT – Christmas stocking mood – Red – Pet treats
MH Hazel Nutcracker
MH Hazel Ornaments
+Half-Deer+ Mini Ceramic House – Gold – Church
MADRAS EverGreen Decor

Other Goodies!
*Avani Byron Collection Dining Bench, Brown Oak
KraftWork Elf, Santa Claus and Rudolph Cake GROUP GIFT
KraftWork Felt Reindeer Christmas Ornament GIFT
*KraftWork Glass Globe Chandelier . Brass Festive
*KraftWork Home Basics . Shoreditch Christmas Edition Rug
*[ kunst ] & KraftWork – Candle house (a)
*Dahlia – Joy – Flower Candles – Gold 25
*Dahlia – Joy – Present Trinket Boxes – Red 4
*Dahlia -Joy – Let it snow Print – Red 21
*Dahlia – Joy – Ornament Step Stool – Red 5
Atelier Burgundy . Wood Snowman
Atelier Burgundy . Wood Santa
Atelier Burgundy . Lignum Wall Panel
BROKEN ARROWS – Cozy Christmas – Red Elf Pot 3
BROKEN ARROWS – Cozy Christmas – Sitting Elf
*SAYO – Evergreen Collection – Sage Garland
*SAYO – Evergreen Collection – Sage Wreath
{YD} Rustic christmas tree – Little house
{YD} Rustic christmas tree – Trunk tree
{YD} Rustic christmas tree – Pine cone green, red, white bow
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II – Traditional – Presents Only
+Half-Deer+ Twinkle Stringlights – Vertical – Med
+Half-Deer+ String of Pearls – Gold – Small Chain
*11 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Reindeers (A)
*7 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Cup set
*8 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Candy display
*Pixel Mode – Victoria’s Christmas – Table Top Tree – Lighted 1
*Mutresse-Wrecking Ball-Naughty Elf
*Mutresse-Skier-Naughty Elf
*<:*BoOgErS*:> Hermerner Berr VIB 1
*<:*BoOgErS*:> Herry Perter Berr VIB
*JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Pupper Present RARE
hive // holiday garland bottom arc
hive // holiday garland straight
floorplan. coastal sideboard

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