Functional Cozey

Everyone needs a little time away, you heard me say, from each oothheerrrr…

Today’s capture is brought to you by the especially talented ms Nodnol Jameson of Kraftwork, one of the most prestigious home and decor brands on the grid. Her latest release, The Cashmere set, has been a huge hit, and I just wanted to share my take on it for Cozey, (again!) I hope you enjoy the setup! It is available at the Anthem Event, which is in its current November round.

I hope you have a fabulous rest of your weekend, and feel free to ping me in world anytime!

@ Anthem
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Sofa PG
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Coffee Table
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Side Table
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Oval Bowl
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Single Eucalyptus Light
*KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Arrangement Light

Other goodies-
*KraftWork Runner Rugs . Basic Gray
*KraftWork Runner Rugs . Upholstered Graphite (fringes)
*KraftWork Runner Rugs . Upholstered Off White (fringes)
*KraftWork Boise Collection . Graphite Armchair Right
*KraftWork Provence . Decorative Globe
*KraftWork Provence . Agate Stand
*KraftWork Pastel Candles . Candle Clutter White
*KraftWork Pastel Candles . Decorative Candles White
*KraftWork Pastel Candles . Bamboo Tray Light
*KraftWork Brick Loft Pavilion
*Dahlia – Julia – Eucalyptus Vase – Halo Left
llorisen // pia mirror.silver
Apple Fall Carter Lamp – Black
~BAZAR~Berlin-book table
~BAZAR~ Toronto-Living room bookshelf 2
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Tablet
MudHoney Calla Sunburst Mirror
Mithral * Monstera Deliciosa (Pack C)
Atelier Burgundy . Lignum Wall Panel


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