Cozey Circle of Contentment

A compilation of Cozey contentment on a calm Wendzday.

Words are fun aren’t they? Sure, a picture is said to be worth a thousand of them, but I won’t do that to you today, traveler!

No, no, we are here to enjoy the peak of Autumn, regardless of the never ending cloud cover that is draining my entire soul lolll.  I have yet to feature my avatar in any of my photos, I hope to do it at least once a week. I gave up a month’s worth of coffee to invest in her update after all. These fall items are a collection of things I’ve been hoarding collecting over a few weekend sales.

Are you a member of the “I spend oodles of LL$ for items I can’t rez in real life?” club? You should join, we have a support group that meets, at sales events.  once in a while?

@FaMESHed November 2021
[Gos] Jodie Chain Ankle Boots – Root Beer
(fd) Cozy Turtleneck – Plaid Tan

220ML – Wine Table Me and You – Full Table #3
220ML – Wine Table Me and You – Grape

KraftWork Christmas Poem Night Rug
KraftWork Christmas Poem Night Pillows PG
KraftWork Christmas Poem Night . Chess
Insurrektion [IK] Roughwood Set – Table
Dahlia – Winter Solstice – Mulled Wine – Gold
20_8f8 – Winter Memories of Autumn – Storing Memories
16_8f8 – Winter Memories of Autumn – Read me a story Autumn
21_8f8 – Winter Memories of Autumn – Take me with You
8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS Group Gift
*LODE* Decor – Dahlia [autumn yellow]
NOMAD // Scattered Leaves C // Yellow Reds
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves – Autumn – Ground
=Zenith=Willow Picnic Basket (Choco)
Emery Bogota Midi Skirt Smoke

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