Cozey Contemporary

You know you’re in a good mental space when you can relax in a kitchen.

In the past, I harped on my kids about being home for dinner so we could all be together. After they moved out, then moved back in, we just naturally fell into an ‘everyone in their own space’, kind of routine. I feel like we’re in a really fancy dorm, and my roommates just happen to be biologically related to me.

Soul2soul’s Artisan kitchen set is what tied this whole scene together, and it is right now, available at Shiny Shabby till November 15th. The cabinet doors have tons of colour options, and you can mix them with chalkboard textures that are included by just clicking. I call this, Cozey Contemporary, but it sorta feels more modernist. So you can definitely style the room with more woods if you switch up the door and furniture textures.

If you get either of the Artisan Clutter fatpacks, you’ll have 11 items to play with. The appliance pack has 4 items, which you can mix and match finishes as well. Be sure to stop by the event to see the in-world demo.

Minnie Atlass was kind enough to share this latest release with me, and I am very thankful. I’ve not been actively looking for sponsors, simply because I want to enjoy the process of scene or world building for now. It is definitely more fulfilling, when you can showcase awesome designs!

Thanks for stopping on this fleeting sunny Saturday afternoon in Seattle!

@Shiny Shabby 
Soul2Soul Artisan Kitchen
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen w/wall
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Steps
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Shelf
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Hooks (modified)
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Utensils Rack
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Kettle
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Toaster
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Blender
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Glass jar
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Bottles
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Wine Glasses
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Tumblers
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Plates Stack
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Bowls
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Pans
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Frying Pans
*Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Utensils Jar

Loft & Aria – Rowan Dining Table (Round)
Loft & Aria – Rowan Dining Chair
Loft & Aria – Rowan Vase III
Loft & Aria – Rowan Vessel
Loft & Aria – Rowan Bowl I
Loft & Aria – Rowan Pendant Light
The Loft & ARIA – Leona Hide Rug 2.0

*Dahlia – Binx – Ceramic Gourd – White
*Dahlia – Binx – Ceramic Gourd – Slate
Trompe Loeil Nisha Double A Frame Cottage (modified)

Other items-
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Bottles
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Storage Jars A
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Storage Jars C
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Tea’n’Coffee Caddies
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Wine
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Fridge
*Soul2Soul. Penzance Snake Plant
*Soul2Soul. Penzance Bird-of-Paradise Palm
*Soul2Soul. Penzance Curculigo Plant
Fancy Decor: Lofgren Dining Chair
Pitaya – Bead plant – hanging
[ARIA] Delilah decorative Birch trio
08 *YS&YS* Memories Plant 01
*Dahlia – Julia – Table
Pitaya – Devil’s Ivy Plant – floor 4LI
Atelier Burgundy . Geometric Privacy Panel II . B&W

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