Every Family has a Story

I try to believe, that God doesn’t give you more than one little piece of the story at once. 

Because she is just so hard working and wildly talented, I wanted to honor Ms. Dahlia herself by showcasing her upcoming release for Kustom 9’s October round.

There are a total of 6 pieces including a unique take on a classic sherpa chair with 17 Bento poses and several texture options to choose from. Also the Arched Mirror will be available in 3 finishes (black, gold or silver).

My in-world family have been so supportive during my break and it is 100% why I still choose to log in and poke around. Coz ya’ll are always here 😀 Oh and of course, because I love sharing the pretty things that make our experience in world so, FUN!

Here are the details, and I hope you have a good chuckle, she’s so clever right? So Meta

@Kustom 9 Available October 15th

*Dahlia – Wendz – Arched Mirror – Black 4li
*Dahlia – Wendz – Confetti Candle – 1li
*Dahlia – Wendz – Rug-3li
*Dahlia – Wendz – Sherpa Chair – Black 3li

*Dahlia – Binx – Moon Phase Cloche – Gold

Other Items available @ Dahlia Mainstore

Dahlia – Ryan – Side Table – Metallics
Dahlia – Liona – Fringe Basket W/ Pillow – Black
Dahlia – Liona – Basket – Black
Dahlia – Liona – Table
Dahlia – Liona – Bowl & Bead Garland
Dahlia – Cleo – Moon Phase Banner – Metals
Dahlia – Cassiopeia – Starburst Wallart – Gold

Apple Fall Plant Stand, Tall – Iron
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7
[-BLUE SKY-] “Wind Rose – Bronze”
FD & Commoner: Slater Cactus
FD & Commoner: Slater Pouf
Fancy Decor: Vintage Camera
Fancy Decor: Carlton Floor Lamp
Mithral * Monstera Deliciosa
Mithral * Calathea Majestica
Mithral * Decorated Metal Plant Floor Shelf
Mithral * String of Hearts Display
Build – :HAIKEI: Save room for my love

6 thoughts on “Every Family has a Story

  1. What a cozy post no pun on the name. i always love your posts and look forward to your artistic set-ups. Breaks are good so I’m told but it’s always good to come back with a little piece to remember why we enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for the set-up. You’re right the Dahlia line is always so creative and her hard work shows in the detail of each piece.<3

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw this a whole lot late yes she is a hard worker and very talented. I was lucky again no pun intended haha to be her blogger so I’m a little bit biased. I enjoy your pictures you definitely have a good eye. ❤


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