Goodness and Kindness

Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic.

I am continually amazed by the sheer talent that is behind Dahlia. IFYKYK. And I may be completely biased but it is like watching one of my own. Because she IS! And her vivid imagination is a wonderful source of inspiration. One of these days, I hope to interview her here at Cozey.

I’ve put together a few older items along with some newer releases for FaMESHed, in a collaboration with KraftWork, so do peruse the credits for all the details. Also, the Belladonna Tea Set is still out for the Happy Weekend sale.

Returning to the wonderful world of showcasing decor (i.e. blogging!) is for the better word, a bit apprehensive. It is like climbing a very steep learning curve, and the curve keeps moving forward as I try to catch up. It took all of three weeks, for me to figure out how to use B.O.M. and another two weeks to update my poor avatar. I’ve caught up on all the ‘important’ news? Do leave a comment if you think I should know anything else.

Thanks for stopping by fair traveler!


*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Dining Chair (GoldC)
*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Decorative Vases
*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Wooden Candle Holder
*Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Antique Rug

@Happy Weekend (10/9-10)
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Macaron Cloche – Light 16
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Tea Set – RARE 2
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Extra Tea Cup – Right
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Macaron Box – Light 18
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Sampler Plate – Light 20

@Fifty Linden Friday (10/8)
{wn} Harvest Soup Tureen (ivory)

Other Items:
*Dahlia – Autumn Mood – Apple Cider Donut Cake – RARE 1
*Dahlia – Autumn Mood – Latte Dispenser 3
*Dahlia – Autumn Mood – Vase 4
*Dahlia – Amore Frame – White
*Dahlia – Nohea – Parasol – Plain
*Dahlia – Florence – Table – Limone
*Dahlia – Bailey – Vintage Clock – Camel
*Dahlia – Brynn – Arbor – Iron
*Dahlia – Valerie – Wardrobe – Mint

Happy Mood HPMD* Garden Trees – Autumn (NEW RELEASE!)

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