Smile, darn ya, smile

“Things are never black as they are painted, time for you and joy to get acquainted. Make life worthwhile, come on and smile, darn ya, smile!”

That ‘read more’ tag is really tricky! Those of you who’ve taken breaks from SL, have you returned feeling like you’ve missed years and years worth of content? *Raises hand* ! And if you’re a current or past blogger, have you ever looked at your image and thought, “Well HECK, that object is bleeding into another? OH WELL”. I just realized how very blind I was when editing this set, my apologies designer!

I am so impressed with Dahlia’s multi-themed BINX set for the October round of Collabor88. There are a total of 18 items in the entire collection, so you have plenty of options. The file cabinets also come with a metal accessories texture changer. I also picked up some other items from C88, including Brocante’s Lydia chair, Half-Deer’s Welcome Sign (lights version), Trompe Loeil’s Nisha A-Frame Cottage, as well as items from this weekend’s Fifty Linden Friday. All the details are in the credits and I appreciate you browsing through them.

Real life has been pretty routine. I am still on dialysis three times a week, and finishing up a degree I started last year. I have three adult children who have all moved back home because of the pandemic and they still keep me on my toes. I am back in world solely for fun ya’ll and for friends. I’ve missed the chatting and yes even hanging around on each other’s platforms lol. You guys make what SL is and always was!

Anywho, thanks for sticking around and I hope you have a great weekend!

@ Collabor88

*Dahlia’s Binx Set
Dahlia – Binx – Book Stack – Amuck
Dahlia – Binx – Book Stack – Join Coven
Dahlia – Binx – Ceramic Gourd – Orange, Sage, Slate, White
Dahlia – Binx – Filing Cabinet – Orange
Dahlia – Binx – Filing Cabinet – Yellow
Dahlia – Binx – Happy Halloween Print
Dahlia – Binx – Man in the Moon Wallart – 1 & 2
Dahlia – Binx – Moon Phase Cloche – Gold
Dahlia – Binx – Moon Phase Cloche – Silver
Dahlia – Binx – Rug – Hexagon
Dahlia – Binx – Rug – Wire

brocante. lydia chair & blanket / ink
+Half-Deer+ Welcome Sign – Black

@ Fifty Linden Friday 10/8

+Half-Deer+ Bottlebrush Halloween Tree – Orange-Big
+Half-Deer+ Bottlebrush Halloween Tree – Stripes – Small
+Half-Deer+ Bottlebrush Halloween Tree – Candy Corn – Small
+Half-Deer+ Bottlebrush Halloween Tree – Stripes – Big
+Half-Deer+ Bottlebrush Halloween Tree – Black – Small
+Half-Deer+ Shoe Rack – Black

[Commoner] Framed Art / Halloween
[Commoner] Mudcloth Pumpkin
[Commoner] Potted Cactus in Skull Planter

What Next? [wn] Log Slice Stand (standalone)

Other Items:
Pumpkin Planter by Galland Homes
Kalopsia – Maple Train Station Clock
Kalopsia – Farm Fresh Vase (red)
cinphul // Gotrik Candle [Nite]
[Con.] 11.11 Displays – Mummy
[Con.] 11.11 Displays – Hand

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